Light Construction Machines

- Jemison - Chilton - Alabama

earth compaction:
-trench tamper
-stroke tamping rammer & 4-stroke jump jack diesel rammer eletrical fast tamping rammer
-soil and asphalt plate compactor(vibratory)
-soil forward only plate compactor(50kgs, 60kgs, 75kgs) round plate base compactor(new type)
-asphalt forward only plate compactor(90kgs)
-reversible plate compactor(120kgs, 166kgs, 300kgs, 350kgs)
-road rollers
-single-drum road roller(walk behind) 185kgs, 220kgs(reversible, vibratory)hydraulic and mechnical systems
-double-drum road roller(walk behind) 480kgs, 550kgs, 670kgs, 750kgs(reversible, vibratory)
-hydraulic and mechnical systems
-ride-on double-drum road roller 600kgs, 1100kgs(reversible, vibratory) engine:honda gx390, honda gx620.
-equipment applications

concrete technology
.finishing screed (honda gx35 or chinese gx35)

.concrete vibrators (bagback, portable, handy petrol and eletrical types)

.power trowels (24", 30", 36", 46" and ride-on) (robin, hon


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