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We design and develop websites having in mind that websites are a Marketing and communicatión tool. Our design and development of websites allows you to have a tool that really works for your company’s targeted market. Our website design and development is oriented to your company’s specific segment in the market either a group of specific age or specific buying behavior.

In every project we carefully pick the art design, color and web components in order to match them with the trends of the specific audience your company is trying to reach. In the same way we are very careful that the aesthetics and overall design of the website do not clash with the clarity and accuracy of the content and the ease of web navigation.

Considering the importance of the user experience with the website, we provide for every project a Responsive Web Design (RWD) that allows the user interface to be adapted, through fluid layouts, to automatically resize the user interface for mobile phones, tablets or computer monitors.

We also offer bundles that include website design and development plus search engine optimizatión and/or Social Media integratión and advertising.