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My name is cristina caddeo and we do international trading and production of private label for the cosmetic industry for more than 20 years. We are located in miami, fl-usa.

Rotulos & Desings

william tell 2123 houston tx - Houston - Texas

Speed Cargo & Trading LLC

Speed Cargo & Trading LLC My name is Cristina Caddeo and we do International trading and production of Private Label for the Cosmetic industry for more than 20 years. We are located in Miami, FL-USA..
We help private lines to increase sales using PWP, GWP or to use our items for sale. We have offices in Hong Kong, to do any type of promotional item, mirrors, More...
7385 NW 54 St. Miami Fl 33166 - Miami Springs - Miami-Dade - Florida
Rpte: Cristina Caddeo

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Company provides sound, music, photography, film, TV, radio, edition....

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Dedicated to all line advertising creativity. ...

Oakcliff Estampados

Company located in Lima Peru, we perform all kinds of textile designs for clients of brands and entrepreneurs, we also offer disegno for your class and measure where their clothes and accsesorios are aimed at domestic and international markets, t-shirts, polos, shirts, blouses, jackets, hoods advertising for banks, AFPs, mining, hospitals, airlines, municipalities, private companies and state agencies. We has More...
- Irving - Dallas - Texas

Vasquez Publicidad

333-11 avenida - Paterson - Passaic - New Jersey