Medical material in the United States

Equipment for cardiology, pulmonology, neurology, surgery, hospital equipment, new and used.

Unique Ortho Systems PVT. Ltd

204-207, Mangalam complex - Basalt - Bingham - Idaho

Let Medical Systems, Corp.

Equipment for cardiology, pulmonology, neurology, surgery, hospital equipment, new and used.
5755 NW 151 Street - Miami Lakes - Miami-Dade - Florida

Medical products in los Estados Unidos
US Medical International is a company that manufactures, distributes and imports disposable medical supplies, destined to the health care of people. We rely on our...

Scientifica, Inc.

Scientifica, Inc. We are a company leader in the microbiology product distribution, parasitology, immunology, serology and virology. Our list of products includes more than 60.000 lines of articles. We take care of the markets: clinical, industrial, of academic investigation and laboratories around the world. The exclusive strategic alliance with the manufacturers allows Scientifica, Inc. to constantly offer innovating solutions that guarantee the More...
1221 Brickell Avenue
Suite 900
Miami, Florida 33131 - Miami-Dade - Florida

Pekato Enterprises Inc

Pekato Enterprises Inc For over 20 years Pekato Enterprises has distributed medical products to Latin America and the Caribbean.
Hemodialysis, central catheters, percutanes biopsy, percutaneous drainage, neonatology, gynecology.
3012 NW 82nd Av Miami Fl 33122 - Miami-Dade - Florida

A&E Endoscopy Inc.

A&E Endoscopy Inc.  
14155 SW 119 Th Ave
Miami FL 33186 - Miami-Dade - Florida
Rpte: Ethel Rodas

Medical equipment: sales in los Estados Unidos
We are a company that sells equipment for rigid and flexible endoscopy, fiber optics and video. Endoscopy equipment in general, new used and reconditioned...

Us medical intl

2365 NW 70Th Ave C-6 miami FL 33122 - Miami - Miami-Dade - Florida

Medilab Global Corporation

Medilab Global Corporation Medilab Global Corp, a company that has been established in Miami, FL USA, since 1995 and specializes in the sale and marketing of medical equipment (mainly surgery and imaging) and laboratory equipment.
Represent different brands (eg GE, Philips, Toshiba, Hitachi, OEC, etc.), models and years of equipment whether new, used or reconditioned.
11921 S.W. 130 Street, Suite # 404
Miami, FL 33186 U.S.A. - Miami-Dade - Florida

Creative Dental & Medical Supplies

Creative Dental & Medical Supplies We are a company dedicated to the commercialization of materials and dental equipment, medical and veterinary internationally recognized brands.
915 SW 87 Avenue
Miami, Florida 33174 - West Miami - Miami-Dade - Florida