Medical equipment: sales in the United States

Gustaria to invite it to us to that it visits our page web so that us conosca and to be able to serve it in any.

Unique Ortho Systems PVT. Ltd

204-207, Mangalam complex - Basalt - Bingham - Idaho

ETX Medical

Gustaria to invite it to us to that it visits our page Web so that us conosca and to be able to serve it in any medical necessity as equipmaiento.
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Ultrasound, X-rays, tomography, resonance, monitors, anesthesia, endoscopy, densitometria.
Florida, USA - Sunrise - Condado de Broward - Florida

ETX Medical -
Gustaria to invite it to us to that it visits our page Web so that us conosca and to be able to serve it in...

Let Medical Systems, Corp.

Equipment for cardiology, pulmonology, neurology, surgery, hospital equipment, new and used.
5755 NW 151 Street - Miami Lakes - Miami-Dade - Florida

Pekato Enterprises Inc

Pekato Enterprises Inc For over 20 years Pekato Enterprises has distributed medical products to Latin America and the Caribbean.
Hemodialysis, central catheters, percutanes biopsy, percutaneous drainage, neonatology, gynecology.
3012 NW 82nd Av Miami Fl 33122 - Miami-Dade - Florida


CardioEquip Distributor for Latin America of the produced equipment of cardiologic diagnosis in uses. Ecg in rest, to holter, stress system.
Syracuse NY - Westside - Syracuse - New York

Medical equipment maintenance in los Estados Unidos

A&E Endoscopy Inc.

A&E Endoscopy Inc.  
14155 SW 119 Th Ave
Miami FL 33186 - Miami-Dade - Florida
Rpte: Ethel Rodas

Professional Medical Sales

Professional Medical Sales We sell all kinds of medical equipment and hospital.

Ultrasound, x-ray, mammography, surgery tables, anesthesia machines, electrocautery, anesthesia machines, ultrasound transdcutores for all brands. We ship all over Mexico, Central and South America.
806 Quitman Oak
San Antonio Tx. 78258 - Northwest side - San Antonio - Texas
Rpte: Ing. David Torres N.

Corpo Perfeito Technology

Aesthetic medical equipment and beauticians, cavitation, carboxiterapia, vacunterapia, passive exercise, ultrasound, radiofrequency, and others.
111 NE 2nd Ave Suit. 1401
Miami FL 33132 - Miami-Dade - Florida

Medical products in los Estados Unidos
US Medical International is a company that manufactures, distributes and imports disposable medical supplies, destined to the health care of people. We rely on our...

Medical material in los Estados Unidos

Medilex llc

Medilex llc The company offers complete solutions to deal with the four main ailments the eye: defects of vision (refraction), cataract, glaucoma and disorders of the retina. Within their product portfolio of high quality marks are included leaders in Ophtalmology like: Carl Zeiss Meditec, Iridex, Reichert. Keeler, SciCan, Volk and others.
8337nw 64th st. miami fl 33166 - Doral - Miami-Dade - Florida

Equipos de Estetica PABS

Equipos de Estetica PABS PABS presents new equipment for non-invasive aesthetic treatments that revolutionize
Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA - Condado de Broward - Florida