Jewelers in the United States

A company with unique designs in jewelery making, combining art with semi-precious stones. its designer valentyna ukrainian origin grytsun always at the forefront, ranging.


A company with unique designs in jewelery making, combining art with semi-precious stones.

Its designer Valentyna Ukrainian origin Grytsun always at the forefront, ranging from classic to latest fashions in Europe, USA and worldwide.
9375 Fontaineau Blvd Apto L 201, Miami, FL, 33172 - Miami-Dade - Florida

Schandeler Jose Luis

Schandeler and Pulqui, a company dedicated to buying and selling gold.
sata monica 14345 local 2 - Imperial Beach - San Diego - California

Costume jewelry in the United States -
We handle manufacture and distribute costume jewelry and accessories for girls. ...

Coin Exchange

Coin Exchange Coin Exchange is a trusted dealer of coins, gold, silver, diamonds and more. Whether you are a collector, an investor or are looking to sell your coins or jewelry, Coin Exchange can help by making exchanges easy and informative while paying top dollar. Visit to learn more.
267 Central Park Ave - Madison - Alabama

Elegance Treasures by Ana

Crystal Jewelry Sale and semi-precious stones, rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and sets.
4718 Crested Grove
San Antonio, Texas
78217 - Northeast side - San Antonio - Texas

Diamonds Interamerica

Diamonds Interamerica Specialists in purchase of jewels and fine old jewels in 18 gold and platinum (vintage, deco, nouveau, Victorian, colonial, years 40, etc), shining-you make shine like diamonds important solitaires, carving, charts old-pink-European, safiros, old rubies, clocks. Certification, estimate, appraisal.
1 NE 1st Street, B15, Miami Florida 33132 - Miami-Dade - Florida

Watches and clocks in los Estados Unidos

Handicrafts in los Estados Unidos
Art gallery dedicated to conserving our cultural roots alive to see that gives opportunity for artists to express themselves offering him a friendly atmosphere. ...

D Master Jeweler

- Grand Prairie - Dallas - Texas

Joyeros Seyer / S.I.E.

Joyeros Seyer / S.I.E. Since 1959, religious medals, bangles, hoop earings, rubber brazalet, rosary, rosary brazalet, laminated gold and silver.
Saint Vincent Galleria
659 S. Broadway Suite H-11 - K-11
Los Angeles, CA 900014 - Centro - Los Ángeles - California

DNC Wholesale

DNC Wholesale Providing thousands of name brand products to customers worldwide, Wholesale DNC has become a leading liquidator of quality merchandise wholesale. We specialize in providing access to individuals and businesses, an unlimited amount of excess inventories, balances and customer returns merchandise obtained from various dealers and department stores.

Wholesale DNC does not require customers to have a commercial license to buy goods, More...
750 E Sample Rd Suite 203 - Pompano Beach - Condado de Broward - Florida

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